A person in protective gear and a face mask performing mold remediation by spraying disinfectant inside a room with brick walls and large windows.

Mold remediation is a tricky process. There are endless variables and factors at play that can dramatically affect the safety of your family, building occupants, and property. Mold is known to pose health risks and costly damage when left untreated. Finding an Easton mold remediation company at the top of its game is essential for a mold-free outcome that protects everyone.

While it goes without saying that any Easton mold remediation company you choose should satisfy essential criteria, like being fully insured and highly rated and reviewed, what are some other criteria that factor into a sound decision? In this post, we’re highlighting some of the basic and not-so-basic, advanced considerations that could make or break your Easton mold remediation experience.

Basic criteria for choosing an Easton mold remediation company

First, let’s start with the basic set of standards when you’re searching for an Easton mold remediation company. The following list contains the absolute must-haves to ensure the company you choose is reputable, safe, and competent.

Look for an Easton mold remediation company that:

· Is fully insured
· Is highly rated and reviewed
· Offers affordable rates
· Has decades of experience
· Has earned nationally recognized counsel-certified indoor environmentalist (CIE) and counsel-certified microbial consultant (CME) certifications
· Has certified indoor air quality association (IAQA) mold experts on staff
· Provides a warranty upon completions, like our two-year, no-mold guarantee

Advanced criteria for choosing an Easton mold remediation company

Now, let’s up the ante with additional considerations to help you select the best Easton mold remediation company for your job. This set of criteria will weed out the mediocre performers from the crème of the crop.

Look for an Easton mold remediation company that satisfies all the basic criteria listed above, plus:

· Can accurately interpret and explain mold testing findings in understandable terms
· Uses an evidence-based approach to Easton mold remediation
· Has specialized equipment, including HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers
· Removes not only the mold you can see but also its source
· Has experience removing many mold varieties, including toxic black mold
· Is equipped with tool and gear specifically designed for hazardous mold removal
· Diligently uses protective strategies to protect your property from contamination or damage
· Demonstrates an understanding of mold growth cycles and knows how to remove spores at every stage
· Has capabilities that extend beyond mold remediation should you need them, such as duct cleaning or building materials restoration
· Provides personalized advice to prevent regrowth on your property

When you want the job done right, look for an Easton mold remediation company that ticks all the boxes on both the basic and advanced criteria lists. Doing so just might make the difference between potentially dangerous mold that reemerges with a vengeance and mold that doesn’t stand a chance.

Choose our Easton mold remediation company for the ultimate long-lasting protection against the recurrence of mold. To learn more about us or schedule service, visit our website, or call (610) 890-6300.