Air Purification

Air Purification To The Next Level

Purification can take on several meanings depending upon the impurity or contaminant present

The air purification technology depends strongly on the class of impurity which can range from particulate matter including:

mold spores

volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

carbon dioxide

In general, the ideal solution is source removal or reduction, particularly in the case of toxic impurities such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and certain VOCs. Obviously, identification of the impurity or contaminants is the first step in designing a remediation plan. Contact us to learn more!

Air Care & Restoration

Air Care has the equipment and experience to carry out Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) investigations, air sampling if required, and laboratory analyses needed to identify and quantify contaminants. Once the contaminants have been established, Air Care will propose a remediation plan that may include air purification equipment to remove particulates or VOCs or increase ventilation (number of air exchanges) to reduce Air Care & Restoration supplies, installs and maintains air purification equipment from the following companies: