How Pollution Affects Indoor Air Quality & Human Health

By Air Care / March 26, 2021

  When you think of the term pollution, outdoor air quality may come to mind first. However, pollutants can also affect indoor air quality, where they can pose serious risks to human health. This article outlines specific indoor contaminants of concern and their potential sources. We’ll also cover some of the health symptoms that can arise from polluted indoor air. (more…)

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Why Air Quality Testing is Critical in 2021

By Air Care / March 11, 2021

As we covered in a recent blog post, air quality testing is important for many reasons, including improving health and reducing work absences. However, the past year’s events have revealed even more critical health-related reasons to know what’s in your indoor air. In addition to threats from allergens and bacteria, dangerous airborne viruses like COVID-19 can lurk in your environment, increasing the risk of disease spread and other health consequences. In this article, we’ll cover more about how poor air quality affects your health and summarize a few types of air quality testing to protect yourself and those around you in 2021. (more…)

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What Goes Into Commercial Space Air Testing and Its Importance

By Air Care / February 26, 2021

6 Critical Commercial Air Quality Testing Measurements Indoor air quality isn’t only a concerning factor in the home – it also affects businesses, building managers, tenants, and employees who spend most of their working hours indoors in commercial environments. Poor commercial air quality can take a toll on health, comfort, wellbeing, and productivity levels, costing tens of billions of dollars each year in lost productivity and medical care costs. However, an EPA report to Congress concluded that improved indoor air quality at work could increase productivity and reduce lost working days. (more…)

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10 Reasons Why Indoor Air Quality Testing is Important

By Air Care / January 25, 2021

We take 20,000 breaths a day and spend 90% of our time indoors. Do you know what’s in the air you’re breathing? From asbestos and allergens to metals and mold, air pollutants of every kind can linger in many Lehigh Valley homes and offices, making an indoor air quality test more critical than ever. In this article, we’ve summarized ten reasons why. (more…)

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What to Look for in an Easton Mold Remediation Company

By Air Care / September 17, 2020

  Mold remediation is a tricky process. There are endless variables and factors at play that can dramatically affect the safety of your family, building occupants, and property. Mold is known to pose health risks and costly damage when left untreated. (more…)

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Our 12-Step Easton Mold Removal Process

By Air Care / September 17, 2020

      Living in Easton opens a world of stunning nature, historic architecture, enriching community events – and sometimes, pesky mold. Whether it lurks in residential or commercial settings, mold is common for many local property owners and managers. However, living in Easton also comes with the benefit and peace of mind that experts are nearby to completely rid your space of mold. (more…)

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