Air Duct Mold Removal or Replacement

We Provide Air Duct Mold Removal or Replacement

Specializing in Residential, Commercial, and Health Care Systems

Air duct mold removal or replacement improves indoor air quality. Often when cleaning HVAC systems in residential or commercial buildings, Air Care & Restoration finds mold present. Mold growth is always related to a source of moisture which may be a result of poor design, inadequate insulation of ductwork in unconditioned spaces such as crawl spaces or attics, or intrusion of moisture from an outside water source.

If a replacement is not an option, there are some EPA approved encapsulants that may be applied; however, their effectiveness diminishes over time and mold spores may be released as the encapsulant erodes. Contact us today for more information!

Mold in an HVAC system can be a threat to indoor air quality since the HVAC system is designed to move air and as a result, can spread spores potentially contaminating other parts of the building and thus should be corrected immediately.