COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Is Air Care & Restoration Co. open?

Yes. Air Care & Restoration Co is open and responding to client needs for indoor air quality testing, mold investigation, testing and remediation and HVAC cleaning. We make certain that our workers are healthy and well before they enter a home or business. We routinely wear gloves, booties, and N-95 respirators when carrying out work.

What can you expect on the first visit for an investigation or quote?

We will check to make sure that the owner is present and agrees that it is OK to come. We also ask if any of the occupants have a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing and we will not come in if this is the case. One of our owners will wear booties, gloves, and a respirator during his visit.

How can we be reached?

All of the usual means of communication including phone, email, and website are operational.

Can Air Care & Restoration Co clean or treat a facility which had or may have had exposure to COVID-19?

Yes. The chemicals used to treat mold and viral contamination are very similar. Viral contamination cannot be removed via filtration even HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air filtration) because of their small size (10-100X smaller than a bacterium or spore). The only effective treatments are chemical or ultra-violet light. Shockwave and similar products destroy viral contamination by chemical reaction. These treatments are EPA registered to disinfect, sanitize, and clean.

What does Air Care & Restoration Co do to improve indoor air quality?

Air Care & Restoration has nearly 30 years’ experience in identifying and resolving indoor air quality concerns in homes, businesses, and medical facilities ranging from elevated humidity, mold in attics, dirty HVAC systems, volatile organic chemicals, or inadequate ventilation. These conditions can contribute to or exacerbate respiratory ailments and should be addressed given the amount of time Lehigh Valley residents spend indoors particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Please review the rest of our website and give us a call today to see if we can resolve your concern.

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