Mold is everywhere, including here in Allentown. In fact, it’s been on our planet for at least 100 million years! Scientists estimate that there are 100,000 different species of mold in the environment, some more dangerous than others. In this article, we’re exploring scenarios that could point to a mold problem in your residential or commercial property – those that require an Allentown mold remediation service.


The following are the top five signs you might need Allentown mold remediation

1. A home inspector reported mold
2. You see discoloration on walls or surfaces
3. You smell a musty odor
4. You or someone in your home or office has unusual or recurring health symptoms
5. There’s been a leak, flood, or another water intrusion

Keep reading to learn more about these signs that mold remediation in your home of office is right for you.

A home inspector reported mold

If you’re buying or selling a home, a home inspector will likely visually examine the interior and exterior of your property to look for signs of mold. They often take a close look at seemingly hidden areas, identifying mold vulnerabilities such as leaks and moisture collection spots. Because mold can grow without you knowing, it may be surprising if an inspector discovers it. However, an Allentown mold remediation service can rid your property of this potential hazard to ensure structural integrity and protect the new homeowners’ health.

You see discoloration on walls or surfaces

Another sign you might need mold remediation is discoloration on walls or structural surfaces, including tile walls or floors, underneath sinks, behind refrigerators, around air conditioners, and other damp areas.

While the visible characteristics vary depending on the type of mold, look for these classic markers:

• Color: black, green, brown, yellow, grey, blue, red, or white
• Texture: Fuzzy, slimy, velvety, fluffy, grainy, or spongey
• Shape: Irregular spots in various sizes and shapes

If you’re unsure whether the discoloration is mold or something else, seek help from an experienced Allentown mold remediation company.

You smell a musty odor

If areas in your home smell musty, stale, or pungent – especially paired with discoloration – you may need Allentown mold remediation. Keep in mind that dead, dormant, and some fungal species don’t produce an odor but can be just as harmful to your property and health.

You or someone in your home or office has unusual or recurring health symptoms

If you or someone in your home or office experiences adverse health effects after spending extended periods inside, it could be an indicator of mold. Mold can be allergenic, pathogenic, or toxigenic, each having a different impact on health.

• Allergenic – Can aggravate allergy-like symptoms, including runny nose, sore throat, itchy or burning eyes
• Pathogenic – Can cause infections in people with a compromised immune system or, in some cases, those who are healthy
• Toxigenic – Can cause potentially serious health consequences for anyone who is exposed to sufficient quantities

Could mold exposure be causing your health symptoms? Use this symptom checker to find out.

There’s been a leak, flood, or another water intrusion

Excess moisture from pipes, roof leaks, air conditioners, floods, or other sources often provide favorable conditions for mold to grow – even in areas you cannot see. A good rule of thumb is to call an Allentown mold remediation company if you notice moisture buildup anywhere in your home.

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