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Air Care Now Certified to Remove Lead Paint

Is your home making your family sick?


More Than 24 Million Homes

More than 24 million homes the U.S. that were built before 1978 making them potentially filled with poisonous lead paint.

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Young Children

Young Children are particularly susceptible to the affects of lead paint which can cause permanent brain and nervous system damage when ingested.

Adult Risks 

Lead paint can cause reproductive and nerve disorders among a variety of other ailments in adults.  Pregnant women and their unborn children are particularly susceptible.

Lead Paint...

As a heavy metal, lead is an extremely dangerous substance to young children and pregnant women.  Prior to the knowledge of the risk, lead was commonly used in building materials including house hold paints. In 1978 manufacturing of lead based paint ceased but the environmental risks remain. Due to chipping and deterioration Lead can be present in the air, water, soil, and in older homes.

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So, what does this mean for you?

If you live in an older home, you may have lead paint in that home. Paint surfaces that are in good condition are generally not a problem, but if you are remodeling or notice that paint is flaking or crumbling, you should get that paint tested. That is where we come in. Not only do we test the paint for lead, if it is found to have lead we are fully certified to abate the paint and to remove the toxic material from your home.